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Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Ottawa Center for Epigenetics Research

Proteomics Facility


University of Ottawa

UoO Core Facilities

University of Ottawa

Cellular and Molecular Medicine Program

Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology

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Fellowships and Scholarships

QEII Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology

Domestic Graduate Scholarship Fund University of Ottawa

International Graduate Scholarship Fund University of Ottawa


University of Ottawa


Useful Genomics and Proteomics Links

Antibody Bank Hybridomas

Canadian Epigenetics Network

CyTOF Forum

Epigenetics Page Abcam

iRefWeb Protein Interaction Database

STRING Protein Interaction Database

HPRD Human Protein Interaction Database

BioGRID Protein Interaction Database

DIP Protein Interaction Database

MINT Protein Interaction Database

Post-Translational Modifications on Proteins

Expasy Proteomics Server

Expressomics (differential gene expression search program)

CRISPR guide RNA construct (GeneScript)

Protein Abundance Across Organisms (PaxDb)

The Human Protein Atlas (Cell Lines, Tissues, Cancer, Subcellular)

The Cancer Genome Atlas

Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia

COSMIC (Catalog of Somatic Mutations in Cancer)

FANTOM5 SSTAR (Semantic catalog of Samples, Transcription Initiation And Regulators)

BloodSpot (previously HemaExplorer) Gene expression in Hematopoiesis

CODEX (Repository of NGS experiments in Hematopoiesis and Stem Cells)

BioGPS (Gene and Protein Annotation Function)



Public Repository of Xenografts (registration required)

St. Jude Pediatric Cancer Data Portal

NCI Office of Cancer Genomics (Data Access)

Blueprint Epigenome (Data Access)

Statistics for Biologists

Verify Histone Antibody Specificity

Enhancers Database

Prediction of Acidic TFs Activation Domains

Cancer Dependency Map


Hematopoiesis and Erythropoiesis Links

Hemato-Erythropoiesis (Mouse) scRNAseq Tusi_2018

Hematopoiesis (Human BM) scRNAseq Hay_2018

Hemato-Erythropoiesis (Human) CyTOF Palii_2019 (username:cytof; password:cytof)

Human Cell Landscape scRNAseq Han_2020

Human and mouse cell taxonomy single cell - 2022

Hemato-Erythropoiesis (Human) Proteins_vs_RNAs Gillespie_2020

Human Erythropoiesis Gene Regulatory Network Gillespie_2020


Other Links

Collaborative Research Resources (OICR)

Cord Blood For Research at CBS

Ontario Stem Cell Initiative

Canadian National Proteomics Network

Seattle Proteome Center

Thalassemia Foundation of Canada

The International Regulome Consortium

The HFSP Alumni Website

City of Ottawa

Gatineau Park